Why I Created This Course...

...and how it may help you

Do you feel stuck in some area of your life?  

Do you feel like you have “tried everything” but have been unable to make forward progress?

I know from personal experience how deeply frustrating it is to feel stuck – for years, and in some cases decades(!) – in some undesired situation or pattern. 

I have also had the experience of arriving at solutions sometimes gradually, sometimes spontaneously to problems that for so long appeared “unsolvable” to me.

Whether your problem area happens to be in the realm of work, relationships, creativity, finances, or even general life satisfaction, I am confident that Opening to Greater Possibilities will help you.

Why do I say this?

Because this course is the culmination of decades of my own exploration and field testing in the laboratory of real life. I have transformed my life in myriad ways, one by one, using the mindset shifts, strategies, and ideas I have culled together for you here. If you want to get yourself unstuck, this course offers plenty of suggestions, approaches and techniques to get you into purposeful motion FAST.  

The person I have become would in many ways be unrecognizable to the person I used to be. I have accomplished things and grown in exciting and satisfying ways a younger version of me simply could never have foreseen or imagined. And I'm growing still!

This course contains the best of what I know and have learned about opening to greater possibilities in life. I couldn't be more proud of it, and I am eager to share it with you so you can start transforming your life in amazing and fulfilling ways yourself. I hope you will check it out!

With gratitude,


Some of What You Gain with “Opening to Greater Possibilities”

  • Clarity: Connect with your deepest desires and priorities, even as these change and evolve over time.

  • Self-Optimization: Learn how to show up fully in life for yourself and others.

  • Direction: Navigate the terrain of your life by taking next right steps in the direction of what matters to you.

  • Breakthrough: Learn techniques for blasting through your own perceived limitations.

  • Connection: Build deep and authentic connections with others and add life-affirming relationships to your inner circle.

  • Practices: Helpful habits you can adopt that will open you up to new perspectives and facilitate new and empowering experiences.

What people are saying...

"Who doesn't get stuck in a rut?..."

Eric Maisel, author of 50+ books including Redesign Your Mind, Life Purpose Boot Camp, Rethinking Depression, and Coaching the Artist Within

"Who doesn't get stuck in a rut? Or find life too busy to give their creative life its due? Join Eric Teplitz, learn some great skills from him, and open up to important new possibilities for your creative life!"

"I love the positive energy and inspiring message..."

Lynda Monk, MSW, RSW, CPCC and Director, International Association for Journal Writing (IAJW.org)

"I love the positive energy and inspiring message infused into Eric Teplitz's new course. I appreciate the Guiding Principles and many life-enriching actions that Eric recommends, especially his invitation to shake it up and seek out inspiration. Open to greater possibilities in your own life with the help of this course."

"...he is a trusted friend taking you on a journey..."

Neil Montgomery (Arizona)

“Opening to Greater Possibilities by Eric Teplitz is a fantastic course. Eric delivers the material in a way that is very real, very tangible, and very relatable. He isn't just a coach, he is a trusted friend taking you on a journey, one that he has taken many times. The suggested activities and writing prompts are very well thought out, and each one gave me insight into who I really am and to the possibilities that really are available to me. Thank you, Eric!

"...a mind- and eye-opening journey of self-discovery"

Ty Hager, singer/songwriter and author of Diary of a Dead Guy

"Opening to Greater Possibilities is a mind- and eye-opening journey of self-discovery, hosted and facilitated by a man who's made it his life's mission to become the best version of himself possible. Eric Teplitz shows us the importance of finding and following our bliss and how to think differently about the obstacles we'll encounter along the way. Greater possibilities await just outside the box; let Teplitz be your guide!"

"I'd recommend this course to anyone, everyone..."

Anisa S. (Portland, OR)

“Opening to Greater Possibilities reminded me that life isn't reduced to the same predictable routine, but can be infused with adventure and joy, and through simple acts. Acts of curiosity, engagement and connection - all working together in the spirit of progress and purpose. I'd recommend this course to anyone, everyone, who wants to reclaim optimism and clear the path for life's simple pleasures."

"..a powerful course for anyone seeking to explore their full potential"

Don Johnson, Top writer on Medium, Author and Executive Coach

"Eric has created a powerful course for anyone seeking to explore their full potential. It's rich with practical tools and exercises that can help us be more aware of our individual power, as well as laying out a path to help us achieve our aspirations, goals, dreams and unspoken wishes."

Included in the Course:

  • 5 Hours of Video Lessons

    Designed to stimulate internal dialogue and inspire action, each lesson will lead you to clarity, direction, and movement. Five full hours of engaging content over the course of twelve lessons, plus a short introduction and course wrap-up.

  • 14 Audio Files

    Downloadable audio files of each course video, for those who prefer to take in the content by listening and/or while out and about.

  • 14 PDF Files

    Printable worksheets to spark your creative process and chart your own path of next right steps. Approximately fifty pages of key lesson points, journaling prompts, and supplemental material.

"...he's lived it and knows what he's talking about."

Michelle Miyagi, RN (Littleton, CO)

“Unlike other people offering courses similar to these, Eric has actual life experiences at every level, which shines through with his personal stories. His compassion, empathy, and open heart are authentic, and it's clear he truly cares. His actions actually line up with his words, he's lived it and knows what he's talking about. He's someone I can trust. 

After taking this course, I'm excited, hopeful, and reinvested in putting myself out there, shaking it up, connecting, giving, exploring, and enjoying life more. It's like being reignited or jumpstarted!” 

...More of What You Gain with “Opening to Greater Possibilities”

  • Inspiration: Connect daily to that which energizes you and feeds your dreams.

  • Influence: Give of yourself in ways you may never have previously considered and touch others' lives as a result.

  • Self-Confidence: Learn to appreciate your accomplishments and visualize how to build on that foundation.

  • Courage: Learn tangible ways to transcend fear and take ownership of what is important to you.

  • Gratitude: Cultivate thankfulness and give yourself that much more to be thankful about.

  • Peace: Develop peace of mind by living your values and letting go of what you cannot control.

About Your Guide

Eric Teplitz has had a lifelong fascination with human motivation, creativity, personal development, and living an inspired, rewarding, and positively impactful life. To this effect, he routinely undertakes challenging endeavors that intrigue him and impel him to grow. 

He has recorded an album of original songs and started his own record label to put it out into the world; acted onstage in community theater productions; backpacked over 500 miles of the Appalachian Trail; completed numerous half marathons, marathons, century rides, and triathlons (including an Ironman triathlon, after three attempts); volunteered hundreds of hours in a hospital playing music for patients (and their families/visitors/hospital staff); and overcome a long-standing aversion to needles to become a regular blood donor. He is the author of over 100 articles on Eric’s Inspired Living Blog, and host of the podcast The Person You Want to Be

His writings also appear on MediumOptimal Living Daily, and Tiny Buddha, and he contributed a chapter to the recently published Routledge book Transformational Journaling for Coaches, Therapists and Clients: A Complete Guide to the Benefits of Personal Writing.

He is passionate about helping others open themselves up to a more expansive sense of what is possible; overcome resistance to following their interests, passions, curiosities, and dreams; and achieve a greater sense of meaning, purpose, and life satisfaction.

He lives in Los Angeles with the love of his life, his wife and best friend, Samantha.

His website is: www.ericteplitz.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will this course take me to complete?

    The course is self-paced, so how long it takes is entirely up to you. It is recommended that you give your full attention to each module and give each of the prompts and exercises sufficient consideration so as to get the most out of them.

  • How long will I have access to the course?

    Your purchase entitles you to LIFETIME ACCESS to the course, allowing you to revisit it as often as you like.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Try the course out for thirty days and see for yourself if it helps expand your own sense of possibilities. If for any reason you are not satisfied, you may request a full refund within thirty days of your purchase. 

There is nothing to lose, so I hope you will sign up today and move into the space of greater possibilities!